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3 Ways Product Managers Can Help Sales


3 Things Salespeople Require From Product Managers

To help us dive in to this issue, we interviewed Dave Dersh, an extremely successful and experienced salesperson who has applied his trade for Apple, Dell, and Sun Microsystems to name a few.

Salespeople Need a Compelling Message and Value Proposition

Features on their own are simply not enough, but instead, how do these features tie back to the customer’s unique definition of business value.

The customer needs to see how this product helps them increase their revenue, lower their cost, or provide some kind of capability that they didn’t otherwise have.

Salespeople need Product Managers to help them get really clear on what the value proposition is, and especially how to communicate that quickly and effectively to the customers.

Product Managers Help Drive Effective Lead Generation

Sales and marketing need to get on the same page with respect to what is a real lead, what is a qualified lead, and how do they build the sales pipeline.

As a Product Manager you can help ensure the leads are well qualified by having clear, crisp personas for you market and communicating these to marketing and sales.

Open Communication Between Product Management and Sales

Stay in dialogue with your salespeople and let them know when you are going to be talking with a customer, be clear what the issues are and what the customer’s situation is. You don’t want to say something that inadvertently causes buyer’s remorse or stalls a purchase that was about to happen.

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July 11, 2017