Product Management Collaboration for Stakeholders

Product Management Collaboration for Stakeholders

86% of executives cite a lack of alignment within a team as negatively impacting outcomes. For any organization embracing the Product Operating Model, Product Management Collaboration for Stakeholders is an 8 hour course that brings your cross functional teams along in the journey to achieve common goals using Product Management best practices.

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Product Management Collaboration for Stakeholders
  • Introduction to Product Management practices
  • Establish roles and responsibilities on your team
  • Plan cross functional collaboration across the product lifecycle
  • Play an active role in innovation practices at your company

What you’ll learn

Stakeholders enrolled in this workshop will gain a comprehensive understanding of high-quality Product Management and clearly define their relationship with the product team. They will learn the specific activities and responsibilities of Product Managers, how Product Managers can help them address customer problems, and how to work together to develop solutions that achieve product-market fit.

Course Goals

  • Understand how great Product Management adds value to the business.
  • Define your relationship with the product team.
  • Collaborate with Product Managers to understand customer problems and iterate solutions that achieve product-market fit.
  • Execute go-to-market plans for a successful product launch.
  • Apply the Productside Blueprint to every stage of the product lifecycle.

Curriculum Overview

  • Reduce confusion and improve collaboration by defining the Product Manager role and what a great relationship should look like.

  • Understand Product Management activities and how they add value to the business. Learn the importance of outcomes over outputs and how to find product-market-fit.

  • Work with your Product Manager to investigate customer problems worth solving.

  • Learn to ideate, define, and validate solutions to increase the probability of success.

  • Execute on your product plan and deliver a great solution to the market with a strong Go-To-Market motion.


  • Track metrics after launch to measure product health and optimize how you achieve business outcomes.

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Understand the role of Product Managment
Hear from Our Product Management Graduates

"I have a much clearer understanding of what a PM should be doing and the gaps in our organization."

Alison Finch
Product Owner at SITA
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Deliver Outcome Based Solutions
Hear from Our Product Management Graduates

“I enjoyed familiarizing myself with proven frameworks to deliver outcome-based solutions.” 

Kelly Tullo
Interim Director, Omnichannel Marketing at AstraZeneca
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Team of PMs working together on the product roadmap
Rethink your Roadmaps
Hear from Our Product Management Graduates

“The roadmap discussions were very relevant and helped me rethink my current approach.”

Nicholas Beeck
Sr. Product Manager at IGT
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Hands-on Learning over Lecture
Hear from Our Product Management Graduates

"I loved how the class was structured around exercises and discussions. Really productive.”

Sanya Sharma
Product Manager at HP
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Our product management courses are even better when you bring your team and learn together. Our private classes are tailor made to facilitate discussion on product practices at your company and in your industry. Available for teams sizes of 8 and up.


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