Digital Product Management Training

Digital Product Management Training

Learn the proven iterative customer-led methodology used by successful Product Management teams to develop digital products faster and more effectively.   This course teaches you all of the necessary skills to become a Certified Digital Product Manager™. One year access to AIPMM membership and Exam, included.

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Digital Product Management Training
  • Set OKRs and KPIs for your product
  • Rapidly validate problems and test solutions
  • Learn Data Analytics, Design Thinking, and Product Led Growth
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What you’ll learn

This course equips you to expertly manage digital products at any stage of their lifecycle. You’ll explore the dynamics of a digital-first organization, become adept at using data to inform decisions, and apply design thinking techniques for problem-solving. You will also try new strategies for pricing to enhance profitability and prioritize your roadmap through continuous experimentation to sustain value delivery.

Course Goals

  • Learn to effectively manage any digital product at any stage in the Product Lifecycle.
  • Obtain a deep understanding of the digital product landscape and how industry leaders iterate to deliver products at scale faster.
  • Gain the core skills and learn the corresponding concepts to pass the Certified Digital Product Manager™ exam.

Curriculum Overview

  • Benefits of digital products, everything as a service, and enhancements for non-digital products.
  • Intro to Product-Market Fit and the Build, Measure, Learn cycle.

  • Roles and responsibilities in a digital-first organization.
  • Evolving from Outputs to Outcomes.
  • Digital Transformation for IT teams.

  • Instrumenting and measuring your product.
  • Understanding OKRs, Product KPIs, and Business KPIs.
  • Optimizing Marketing and Sales funnels with Pirate Metrics.

  • How to use Personas and Empathy Interviews to identify and validate problems.
  • Develop a Product-Market-Fit Hypothesis.

  • Use Design Thinking and rapid preto-typing to test hypotheses.
  • Understand Market Segmentation, Feasibility, Viability, and Value vs. Cost estimates for product development.

  • Introduction to the Lean Canvas and common pricing research approaches.
  • How to use value metrics, pricing and packaging techniques, and governance best practices to maximize revenue.

  • Understand Dual-track Agile and Continuous Discovery.
  • Learn effective Release Planning, Roadmaps, and prioritization, using Minimal Viable Product (MVP), Minimum Business Increment (MBI), and Minimum Viable Replacement (MVR).

  • How to generate product-qualified leads and measure growth.
  • Apply Jobs-to-be-Done and the Value Proposition Canvas.

  • Effective User Activation, Onboarding, and Gamification techniques to drive retention and referral.
  • Prioritize your roadmap for continuous value delivery.

  • Learn Product Operations (ProdOps) best practices.
  • Manage Technical Debt, Platform Initiatives, and Internal Tooling Projects.
  • Prioritize customer requests at scale within a Product-Led Organization.

  • Course Materials provide a reference guide to best practices.
  • Study Guide helps you remember key concepts and prepare for the certification exam.
  • Online practice test provides different sample questions every time you take it, and gives you a score, so you can be confident you are ready for the exam.
  • Be fully prepared to pass the Certified Digital Product Manager™ exam.

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Choose your learning style

All Options Include 1 Year Access to the Self-Study Course.

Live Online and In-Person Time Commitment: 24 Hours.

We believe in small class sizes. Fewer than 20 people, guaranteed.

Learn with other students in a virtual classroom from the comfort of your home or office.

  • Interact with our experts for immediate feedback on your work
  • Join peers in virtual breakout sessions and build a supportive learning network
  • Attend sessions from anywhere with an internet connection

Get trained, get certified, and get promoted- all on your schedule.

  • Access course materials at your own pace
  • Take interactive quizzes and work through exercises to reinforce your learning
  • Refer and review content for a year as often as you want

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Course Schedule
T-TH: Tue. Jul 23 – Thur. Aug 1 | 10:00 am – 2:30 pm ET
Part Time
Learn Together for Impact
Hear from Our Product Management Graduates

“Great training that sparked a lot of discussion about how concepts would apply to my company.”

Vijay Krishna
Chief Product Officer at Akoya
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Learn From Your Peers
Hear from Our Product Management Graduates

“As someone new to product management, this class gave me good foundational knowledge of how I should focus my efforts in this role."

Sara Britton Drake
Technical Project Manager at Macmillan Learning
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Impactful Break Out Sessions
Hear from Our Product Management Graduates

“The best part of the training is when you apply what you have just learned in the breakout rooms.” 

Matteo Corona
Global Product Specialist at ABB
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Team of PMs working together on the product roadmap
Manage Products at any Stage
Hear from Our Product Management Graduates

“I feel prepared on my role and know how I should be approaching new and retiring products.”

Danielle Chapleau
Product Supply Manager at Card Kingdom
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