Optimal Product Management Training

Optimal Product Management Training

Make valuable decisions as a strategic Product Manager and build products your customers love and that work for your business. This course teaches you all of the necessary skills to become a Certified Product Manager™. One year access to AIPMM Membership and Exam Included.

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Optimal Product Management Training
  • End to End Product Management Lifecycle process that follows the Productside Blueprint 
  • Apply your skills with over 20 unique templates with the Productside Playbook 
  • Become a Certified Product Manager with AIPMM (included)
Starting at $1,500.00

What you’ll learn

This course teaches the proven Product Management process used by teams behind hundreds of successful products. Learn how to effectively collaborate with stakeholders, identify and validate customer problems, articulate a product strategy, craft an outcome-based roadmap, and ultimately build desirable products.

Course Goals

  • Learn to effectively manage any product at any stage in the Product Lifecycle.
  • Obtain a deep understanding of how great companies do Product Management.
  • Gain the core skills and learn the corresponding concepts to pass the Certified Product Manager™ exam.

Curriculum Overview

  • Orient yourself within your organization and clarify roles and responsibilities.
  • Engage stakeholders effectively across the product lifecycle.

  • Learn the difference between Outcomes and Outputs.
  • Have a strategy to find Product Market Fit in your market.

  • Craft a proto persona to investigate market problems.
  • Frame the problem through Voice of the Customer Techniques such as Jobs to Be Done.

  • Translate customer needs into solutions and validate your hypothesis.
  • Write positioning statements and use storyboarding to illustrate your solution.
  • Define metrics for product success.

  • Learn prioritization techniques such as Four Quadrant Analysis and Kano Method.
  • Learn to build an Outcome Driven Roadmap.
  • Prepare for a successful launch with a beta program and Go-to-Market Enablement.


  • Select Health Metrics for your product.
  • Learn how to practice Continuous Discovery at your organization.
  • Adapt the Blueprint to an End of Life process.

  • Course Materials provide a reference guide to best practices.
  • Study Guide helps you remember key concepts and prepare for the certification exam.
  • Online practice test provides different sample questions every time you take it, and gives you a score, so you can be confident you are ready for the exam.
  • Be fully prepared to pass the Certified Product Manager® exam through AIPMM (Association of Product Marketing and Management).

You’re in good company


Choose your learning style

All Options Include 1 Year Access to the Self-Study Course.

Live Online and In Person Time Commitment: 24 Hours.

We believe in small class sizes. Fewer than 20 people, guaranteed.

Learn with other students in a virtual classroom from the comfort of your home or office.

  • Interact with our experts for immediate feedback on your work
  • Join peers in virtual breakout sessions and build a supportive learning network
  • Attend sessions from anywhere with an internet connection

Get trained, get certified, and get promoted- all on your schedule.

  • Access course materials at your own pace
  • Take interactive quizzes and work through exercises to reinforce your learning
  • Refer and review content for a year as often as you want

Focus on the work in an engaging physical classroom environment with no distractions.

  • Take a break from the office and e-mail notifications
  • Participate in group activities and discussions face to face
  • Coffee chats welcome. Network with your peers from other industries

Find your class

Course Schedule
T-TH: Tue. Aug 6 – Thur. Aug 15 | 1:00 pm – 5:30 pm ET
Part Time
Course Schedule
T-TH: Tue. Aug 27 – Thur. Sep 5 | 8:00 am – 12:30 pm ET
Part Time
Understand the role of Product Managment
Hear from Our Product Management Graduates

"I have a much clearer understanding of what a PM should be doing and the gaps in our organization."

Alison Finch
Product Owner at SITA
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Deliver Outcome Based Solutions
Hear from Our Product Management Graduates

“I enjoyed familiarizing myself with proven frameworks to deliver outcome-based solutions.” 

Kelly Tullo
Interim Director, Omnichannel Marketing at AstraZeneca
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Team of PMs working together on the product roadmap
Rethink your Roadmaps
Hear from Our Product Management Graduates

“The roadmap discussions were very relevant and helped me rethink my current approach.”

Nicholas Beeck
Sr. Product Manager at IGT
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Hands-on Learning over Lecture
Hear from Our Product Management Graduates

"I loved how the class was structured around exercises and discussions. Really productive.”

Sanya Sharma
Product Manager at HP
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Why Teams Get on the Productside

Our courses are even better when you bring your team and learn together. Our private classes are tailor made to facilitate discussion on product practices at your company and in your industry. Available for teams sizes of 8 and up.


One Size Fits None

Why talk about fitness apps when you’re working on insurance and vice versa? Don’t settle for out of the box offerings and get training that speaks your company’s language.


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Our programs focus on practical exercises over lectures. They also come with ready-to-use templates, making it easy to integrate the learning into your daily grind.


We don’t Vendor, We Partner

You can count on us as your team develops or new needs emerge. We can flex where and when you need us.

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