Critical Importance of Product Management

Critical Importance of Product Management

Transforming to Product Operating Model requires buy in from the highest level of your company to be successful. Our workshop on the Critical Importance of Product Management (CIPM) teaches senior leaders the business value of great Product Management and how they can support Product practices at your organization.

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Critical Importance of Product Management
  • Leadership support for great Product Management
  • Establish goals and expectations of Product Teams
  • Have a credible plan for Product Team Transformation

What you’ll learn

The Critical Importance of Product Management material follows an agenda that is always customized by the gaps and issues faced by your company. The role of the Productside expert is to determine what material, methods, exercises, and discussions will make the most difference in your context. This leadership workshop is one of the first steps taken to ensure that Product Management receives the resources, training, and influence to drive outcomes at your company.

Course Goals

  • Learn the implication and cost of poor Product practices across your business.
  • Understand the difference between a high and low performing product team.
  • Gain clarity on the Roles and Responsibilities of Product titles
  • Understand the Productside Blueprint or the Product Process at your company
  • Play a part in achieving a Product Team Transformation

Curriculum Overview

  • Learn about the issue and source of product failure using facts from studies of the topic.
  • Discuss how each department experiences product failures and the organizational implications of a low-functioning Product Management organization.

  • Review the strategic position of Product Management in many companies.
  • Explore what an ideal positive Product Management organization could contribute to the organization.

  • Define the key roles and responsibilities of: Product Manager, Product Marketing Manager and, if appropriate, Product Owner.
  • Create first-step action plans to adjust to best practices.

  • Review the ideal outcome driven Product Management process designed by Productside experts.
  • If requested, Productside may use your company’s Product Management process instead.

  • Discuss what it takes to transform a Product Management organization.
  • Learners create plans for how to support the next steps in the Product team transformation.

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Understand the role of Product Managment
Hear from Our Product Management Graduates

"I have a much clearer understanding of what a PM should be doing and the gaps in our organization."

Alison Finch
Product Owner at SITA
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Deliver Outcome Based Solutions
Hear from Our Product Management Graduates

“I enjoyed familiarizing myself with proven frameworks to deliver outcome-based solutions.” 

Kelly Tullo
Interim Director, Omnichannel Marketing at AstraZeneca
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Team of PMs working together on the product roadmap
Rethink your Roadmaps
Hear from Our Product Management Graduates

“The roadmap discussions were very relevant and helped me rethink my current approach.”

Nicholas Beeck
Sr. Product Manager at IGT
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Hands-on Learning over Lecture
Hear from Our Product Management Graduates

"I loved how the class was structured around exercises and discussions. Really productive.”

Sanya Sharma
Product Manager at HP
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Our courses are even better when you bring your team and learn together. Our product management courses are tailor made to facilitate discussion on product practices at your company and in your industry. Available for teams sizes of 8 and up.


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Why talk about fitness apps when you’re working on insurance and vice versa? Don’t settle for out of the box offerings and get product management training that speaks your company’s language. It just makes more sense.


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Our programs focus on practical exercises over lectures. They also come with ready-to-use product management templates, making it easy to integrate the learning into your daily grind.


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