Agile Product Management Training

Agile Product Management Training

Learn how to harness the Agile methodology from the Product Management perspective to build successful products — faster and more effectively. You’ll learn all the core skills needed to become an Agile Certified Product Manager and Product Owner™. AIPMM membership and Exam, included.

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Agile Product Management Training
  • Learn the Agile Methodology from a Product Management perspective
  • Execute on a product roadmap that benefits from the speed and flexibility of Agile
  • Lead, influence, and inspire Agile development teams
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What you’ll learn

Uniquely designed for Product Managers and Product Owners, this course covers the Agile Methodology, with an emphasis on how Product Management can best serve the development team. You’ll learn to unleash Agile’s power of speed and flexibility to respond to emerging customer needs and deliver new value to your market rapidly.

Course Goals

  • Understand how the Agile methodology works and how to supply Agile development teams with the market and customer data they need to build great solutions.
  • Grasp how to build a predictable product roadmap that satisfies executives while still benefiting from the speed and flexibility that Agile provides to meet ever-changing customer and market needs.
  • Gain the core skills and learn the corresponding concepts to pass the Agile Certified Product Manager and Product Owner.

Curriculum Overview

  • Learn about the Agile Manifesto and the foundations of Agile culture.
  • Understand when to use incremental and iterative development.

  • Focus on Agile roles and the relationships between them, including the Product Manager, Product Owner, Scrum Master, User Experience, and the Dev Team.
  • Leverage DACI charts for stakeholder alignment and clear decision making.

  • Apply dual-track Agile to rapidly gather data through experimentation and iteration, integrating user feedback and data into every stage of product development.
  • Dive into Agile frameworks, including SCRUM, Kanban, Lean, and Scaled Agile.

  • Tactical pull-through of product strategy through prioritization methods, including feature buying, WSJF, and IDEA/E.
  • Build dynamic roadmaps using the concepts of train stops and now, next, later.

  • Drive rapid development and iteration with user stories, sizing techniques, and backlog refinement methods.
  • Understand user acceptance criteria, testing and validation, sprint execution, and velocity.

  • Influence your team by leading with empathy and transparency.
  • Align stakeholders to the roadmap and product vision, build collaborative relationships, and learn when to say “no” with confidence.

  • Course Materials provide a reference guide to best practices.
  • Study Guide helps you remember key concepts and prepare for the certification exam.
  • Online practice test provides different sample questions every time you take it, and gives you a score, so you can be confident you are ready for the exam.
  • Be fully prepared to pass the Agile Certified Product Manager and Product Owner™ exam through AIPMM (Association of Product Marketing and Management).

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All Options Include 1 Year Access to the Self-Study Course

Live Online and In-Person Time Commitment: 16 Hours.

We believe in small classes. Fewer than 20 people, guaranteed.

Learn with other students in a virtual classroom from the comfort of your home or office.

  • Interact with our experts for immediate feedback on your work
  • Join peers in virtual breakout sessions and build a supportive learning network
  • Attend sessions from anywhere with an internet connection

Get trained, get certified, and get promoted- all on your schedule.

  • Access course materials at your own pace
  • Take interactive quizzes and work through exercises to reinforce your learning
  • Refer and review content for a year as often as you want

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Course Schedule
M-TH: Mon. Jun 24 – Thur. Jun 27 | 1:00 pm – 5:30 pm ET
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Communicate Effectively with Stakeholders
Hear from Our Product Management Graduates

"I learned how to apply Agile principles in my day job and communicate more effectively with stakeholders.”

Jennifer Temple
Product Manager at Spectralink Corporation
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Write Better User Stories
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“I learned about personas and user stories and how to use them effectively."

Edward Parkin
Global Product Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Learn Better With Small Groups
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"I enjoyed the interactive small group sessions. This was the best business class I’ve had in a long time."

Kimberly Johnson
Aspiring Product Manager, West Corporation
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Practical Takeaways and Real Expertise
Hear from Our Product Management Graduates

"The trainer’s stories helped frame the content and the group sessions solidified the concepts."

Eric Haar
Product Manager H&R Block
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