Product Management Certifications

Prove your mastery of Product Management concepts by obtaining an industry standard credential. We partner with The Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM), the world’s largest Product Management Association, to provide our students with independent testing and certification.


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Certified Product Manager™

The Certified Product Manager credential indicates a comprehensive understanding of the functions responsible for championing products throughout the Product Lifecycle, from idea conception through to end of life. Achieving the CPM certification proves you know how to deeply understand customer needs, how to write requirements, build a business case, and work with stakeholders across your company to deliver the right product to market.

Becoming a Certified Product Manager proves that you have the skills and confidence to build and launch successful products to market.

To prepare for this certification start by taking our Optimal Product Management™ Training.

Certified Product Manager Certification Badge

Why Choose AIPMM Certifications?

You can get a branded certificate anywhere. But to get a professional certification, the exam must be administered by an independent professional organization to qualify. Productside partners with AIPMM to administer their ANSI/ISO compliant certifications which ensure that certified professionals did the work to pass a comprehensive 2 hour long examination.

In a recent survey, up to 83% of AIPMM Certified Product Managers reported increases in salaries, new promotions, and added trust and credibility from their managers within a year of passing the certification exam.


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Explore our Product Management courses and accelerate your career with AIPMM Product Management Certification.

Taking the Exam

Once you’ve completed your Productside Product Management course and used the corresponding study aids, you’ll be ready to schedule your certification exam with AIPMM. Exams are proctored online and typically consist of 120 questions, split up into four 30-minute sections, giving you a chance to take a break between each section. You have two opportunities to pass the exam within one year of purchasing your course.