AI Innovation for Product Managers

AI Innovation for Product Managers

Incorporate AI into your roadmap to deliver new, valuable customer experiences and avoid the cost of developing the wrong product. This course helps Product Managers evaluate advanced technologies such as machine learning and Generative AI to make better products.

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AI Innovation for Product Managers
  • Framework to assess and prioritize AI plays
  • Real company use cases and lessons learned
  • Workbook to guide your AI discovery
  • Action plan for AI experiments
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What you’ll learn

For Product Managers and Leaders looking to embed AI technology into their product or workflow, this 8 hour intensive course will give you the structure and tools to make better decisions. AI Innovation for Product Managers gives an overview of how AI has been deployed at major companies. We work through concepts to help you navigate AI technologies confidently and identify AI opportunities that genuinely enhance product value and user satisfaction.

Course Goals

  • Use problem space thinking to develop a hypothesis on how AI can benefit your customers.
  • Prepare a data-informed recommendation to senior leadership on adding AI to your product.
  • Enhance your Product Management operating model with tools like ChatGPT, Google Gemini, and Microsoft Copilot.
  • Leave with a comprehensive strategy, to immediately apply what you learn within your organization.

Curriculum Overview

  • Discuss the landscape of AI technologies to build a working knowledge of their capabilities and limitations, including Machine Learning (ML), Large Language Models (LLMs), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning, and Neural Networks.
  • Evaluate the risks and opportunities of adding AI to a product.
  • Extend your understanding of AI with practical, real-world applications.

  • Empathize with your customers and identify what problems AI might be able to help solve.
  • Explore and prioritize common AI opportunities against user needs and business objectives.
  • Learn how to shape the solution conversation around winning AI plays executed by top organizations.

  • Develop and communicate a compelling AI vision for your product.
  • Identify the external factors to consider and monitor that can derail your AI implementation.
  • Present your informed hypothesis with success metrics to stakeholders.

  • Provide your organization with a discovery-driven decision for AI implementation.
  • Validate Product Market Fit (valuable, viable, feasible), and review examples of successes and failures.
  • Create an action plan using your AI Investigations Workbook.

  • AI Investigations Workbook

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Learn with other students in a virtual classroom from the comfort of your home or office.

  • Engage in real-time interaction with expert instructors for immediate clarification and personalized feedback.
  • Collaborate with peers in virtual breakout sessions, fostering a dynamic learning community.
  • Flexibility to attend sessions from anywhere with an internet connection, accommodating busy schedules.
Team of PMs working together on the product roadmap
Leverage AI to Solve the Right Problems
Hear from Our Product Management Graduates

“The course highlighted that AI products should be focused on solving a problem."

Patrick Perl
Director of Service Capability
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Team of PMs working together on the product roadmap
Start Using New Technologies the Right Way
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"I learned what to look out for in a dynamic environment."

Josh Raha
Vice President of Product Management
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Team of PMs working together on the product roadmap
Engage With Your Peers
Hear from Our Product Management Graduates

"Highly engaging content that spurred some great thinking.”

Josh Burnell
Director of Product
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