Agile Product Management Training Syllabus

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Our Agile Product Management training will teach you all the core skills necessary to be successful in organizations doing Agile development. You’ll learn how Product Managers and Product Owners can effectively work together and with their engineering teams. Leverage the exercises in the course to learn how to apply these skills to real-world situations.

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Gain proficiency and practical experience essential to excel as an adept Agile Product Manager within companies developing products or services for commercialization, as well as internal applications.

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Best Practices

We specialize in imparting agile, adaptable, and resilient strategies tailored for products and services, enabling effective management across all stages of their lifecycle, using agile methodologies.

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Acquire insight into effectively collaborating with internal and external stakeholders in an agile environment, prioritizing product development to deliver tangible product and business outcomes.

Agile Product Management

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Agile Principles
  • Module 2: The Agile Team
  • Module 3: Agile Frameworks
  • Module 4: Strategy and Vision

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Team of Product Managers working together