AI Innovation for Product Managers Training Syllabus

Through interactive exercises and discussions, participants will learn how to:

  • Understand the potential benefits and risks of AI technologies through qualifying assessment criteria.
  • Use problem space thinking to evaluate whether and where AI technologies solve customer’s problems.
  • Develop an informed hypothesis of which AI-based solutions add value to their customers.
  • Prepare clear, data-driven communications to make recommendations to senior leadership on adding AI capabilities on the roadmap.
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Gain the essential expertise and hands-on experience needed to thrive as a Product Manager leveraging AI innovation within both commercial product/service companies and internal applications.

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Best Practices

Our focus lies in equipping you with adaptable and resilient strategies, empowering you to effectively manage a wide range of products or services, utilizing the Productside Product Blueprint methodology.

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Participants leave the course with an AI Investigation Workbook that they can immediately use to present a recommendation on AI Strategy back to their organization.

AI Innovation for Product Managers

Course Outline

  • Unit 1: Understanding the Opportunity of AI
  • Unit 2: AI and Your Customer 
  • Unit 3: AI Outcomes, Impact, & Measurements 
  • Unit 4: Your Plan for Post-Class Success 

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