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AI Tools for Product Management


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With the onset of Generative AI, the universe of helpful tools is increasing. AI technology can assist product managers in every facet of their work no matter what kind of product they are working on or where in the product lifecycle. From streamlining tasks and analyzing discovery calls, to creating testable prototypes from simple text, AI tools speed up and enhance product management work.  Product Managers can better focus on driving outcomes when they can efficiently manage feedback, data, and craft quick experiments. 

These innovative tools use a variety of AI technologies including advanced machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, and Generative AI to expedite the foundational tasks of product management. Explore the list below to discover how you can achieve your business outcomes, faster. 

Product Analytics 

Amplitude provides product managers with deep insights into user behavior, allowing them to track engagement trends, funnel conversion, and identify areas for improvement to make data-driven decisions. Amplitude uses advanced AI analytics to evaluate product usage data and user behavior, so Product Managers gain insights on how to boost customer satisfaction and product engagement.

Mixpanel is a real-time analytics platform designed to track customer behavior and measure user engagement, offering insights into product usage. It aids companies in making data-driven decisions to enhance their products based on user behavior analysis. Mixpanel’s analytics platform uses AI to provide comprehensive user interaction data, which helps product managers’ understanding of how customers use their products and helps them identify areas for innovation or development.

Pendo brings your product’s analytics, in-app guides, and feedback into one place. It offers a suite of tools that not only track user behavior and engagement but also allow for in-app messaging and guides, helping product managers to directly influence the user experience and gather feedback for development. Pendo incorporates AI to gather user feedback and in-app behavior data, enabling product managers to personalize user experiences, streamline onboarding, and increase product adoption and retention.

Loops is a no code product analytics solution that leverages AI to track KPIs and provide insights on root causes for churn and for growth. Product teams can quickly see and address issues in user journeys.

Customer Feedback Analysis

Canny allows product managers to gather product feedback across multiple sources, and analyze to prioritize improvements.

Viable automates feedback analysis and summarizes ways to boost NPS, reduce support, and increase LTV of customers.

TL:DV leverages generative AI to transcribe and summarize insights from voice of the customer research. helps product managers discover valuable customer problems by analyzing voice of the customer research, build outcome focused roadmaps, and quickly communicate release plans with customers.

Product Work

Productboard uses AI to help product managers make data-driven decisions by providing product usage data and analyzing customer feedback. This enables team to focus on what matters most to users and align product development with customer’s needs.

Delibr is an AI Copilot that helps cut down on product work. The platform links to Jira and helps organize and write requirements based on the integration. It also offers AI enhanced product templates like Outcome Trees and Jobs to be Done Canvas.

UIZard Is an AI generation tool that creates editable mockups and screens from simple text. This enables product teams to create and validate design concepts quickly. The platform also offers a way to digitize handwritten mock ups. provides product managers with advanced AI to predict trends, analyze customer behavior, data and market research. uses AI to improve tailored customer experiences across many channels and optimize product pricing, which greatly increases corporate efficiency and customer loyalty. It is a vital tool for faster decision-making, optimizing resource allocation, and reducing customer service expenses.

Figma utilizes AI to help Product Managers with their design process through features like real-time collaboration. This simplifies the workflow from design to development allowing teams to create and test their design ideas faster.

Project Management and Collaboration

Stormboard is a digital workspace that facilitates team collaboration by enabling users to share ideas and comments via virtual whiteboards and sticky notes. It is a tool for product management because of its brainstorming and project planning features, which enable smooth idea organization and communication. Stormboard uses AI to facilitate real-time sharing of ideas and organizing, optimizing brainstorming and collaborative planning.

Monday offers a flexible platform for project and task management for teams to customize workflows, collaborate in a centralized space and track progress. It offers AI features that helps automate tasks, simplify project workflows to allow product managers to track their progress efficiently.

Some of the most popular tools in product management are investing in AI technology to help enable Product Managers to do great work, faster. Product Managers looking to up their game should take some time and investigate which product tools can yield the fastest ROI for their business in making a business case to purchase additional technology.

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Rina Alexin
April 10, 2024