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Assessment of Individual Product Manager Skills


In this special video, 280 Group Founder and CEO, Brian Lawley, talks with Consultant/Trainer, Bill Haines, about an invaluable system he invented.

Bill is going to explain the basics of the Individual Skills Assessment for Product Managers.

Often times at 280 Group we’ll have managers or director or VPs come to us and they’ll want to do an assessment of their team.

They wonder how good their team is at certain Product Manager skills and what skills should they be looking at.

Bill explains what the Individual Skills Assessment actually is and why it would be valuable for a manager or organization to run.

The idea behind it was to find a way to quickly measure skill levels among a Product Management staff.

You can get a feel for where they place themselves which is often a good way of assessing where they stand and where they need help, because you can compare one skill area to another skill area and say the team recognizes they are weak in one skill area or another.

It works as a survey, and is comprised of about 70 questions in 15 different skill areas.

The questions are mixed up so you don’t know exactly what skill each question is linked to. You’re answering these questions as honestly as possible on a simple rating scale.

All of this data gets compiled then from all the Product Managers and a report can be generated for each team member to say these are the Product Manager skills where you’re stronger or weaker.

A narrative accompanies that to say at your level these are the things you might want to work on.

There is a rollup report for the manager that gives them some nice charts and graphs and a summary of where their Product Manager skills are across the team. They can see that maybe across the board just about everyone is strong here or weak there, and it gives them some real direction on where they should focus.

Each individual walks away with a sense of where they can develop further to be a better Product Manager and the manager has a sense of the level across the team.

If you would like to learn more about our Individual Skills Assessment for Product Managers feel free to contact us.

January 03, 2018