Digital Product Management Training Syllabus

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Our Digital Product Management course will teach you the practical skills, processes, and concepts used by successful Digital Product Managers. You’ll learn how to satisfy your customers’ increasing expectations of the benefits they can realize from digital technologies.

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Acquire the expertise and practical experience essential to excel as a Digital Product Manager within companies that produce products or services for commercial purposes, as well as internal applications.

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Best Practices

We specialize in imparting adaptable and resilient strategies, enabling effective management of diverse digital products or services across all stages of their lifecycle, leveraging the newest techniques.

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Acquire insight into effectively collaborating with both internal and external stakeholders in the digital landscape, emphasizing the prioritization of product development to achieve tangible product and business outcomes.

Digital Product Management

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Introduction to Digital Product Management
  • Module 2: Digital Culture
  • Module 3: Becoming Data-Informed
  • Module 4: Finding and Validating Problems

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