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How Do Your Digital Product Management Skills Measure Up?


A Product Manager’s experience, along with education, can indicate what they know and what they have done. However, the best way to understand a Product Manager’s abilities and level of proficiency is through a skills assessment. 

What Is a Skills Assessment? 

A skills assessment is an evaluation of an individual’s ability to perform a specific skill or set of skills, as they pertain to a job or role. Ideally, the assessment captures the level of proficiency for each skill, to indicate which participants are new to a skill and which ones have mastered it. Some Product Managers are strong on education – albeit usually not specific to Product Management and most likely pertaining to other roles such as engineering, marketing, IT, or customer success. Others are rich in experience. Skills assessments give no weight to how Product Managers learned what they know; they measure what they can do.   

Benefits of Completing a Skills Assessment 

Completing a skills assessment can be an astute first step to understanding what kind of training, learning, or development initiatives are required based on: 

  • Your current organization’s initiatives, such as of business transformation, digital transformation, a restructuring, or a merger or acquisition. 
  • A desire to advance in your Product Management career. 
  • Preparing for a Product Management interview, so you can focus on your highly rated skills. 
  • A need to up-level you overall skill rating with formal Product Management training. 

Individual Skills Assessment (ISA) 

In mid-2018, 280 Group launched the Individual Skills Assessment (ISA), which has been completed by more than 4,000 individual Product Professionals to date. The results of these responses were analyzed and compiled into the second edition of our Product Management Benchmark Skills Report. This report brings the Individual Skills Assessment one step further by enabling Product Professionals to assess their skills and compare them against our global benchmark, a global survey that examines the skill levels of Product Managers across 15 dimensions, called skill sets. Product Managers can compare their skills against the benchmark according to experience, job title, training, product process, industry, region, and other factors. 

Why Take a Digital Individual Skills Assessment (D-ISA)? 

With the age of digital upon us, Digital Product Managers require core skills to master the iterative customer-led methodology and develop Digital Products that matter – faster and more effectively. This skills assessment uniquely provides a focused approach to measure those skills required to help Product professionals navigate and operate in the digital sphere. 

How do you measure up? Take our Digital Product Manager Skills Assessment and compare your skills to Digital Product Management standards. 

Learn more about our Digital Product Management Courses to level up your skills. 

Ken Kranseler
April 11, 2021