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Introducing the Productside Product Leader Pack


Today, we’re excited to share our latest free product management pack taken directly from the Productside Playbook: The Product Leader Pack.


  • Product Leaders consistently tell us that their teams work hard but often struggle to drive business outcomes.
  • The Product Leader Pack helps teams break free from being “feature factories” by offering guidance and templates that aligns product teams to business outcomes.
  • The pack includes 3 free plays: Outcome Tree, Outcomes Based Roadmap, and Measuring Outcomes, all taken from the Productside Playbook.

Connecting Strategic to Tactical

We work with a lot of product teams and of the most consistent themes we hear from product leaders is that their teams are busy, but they can struggle to drive business outcomes.  Product leaders tell us this, not to be critical of their teams, but in search of solutions.  It rarely seems to be a question of ability or work ethic, but more about how to connect day-to-day tactics with business goals.

The 280 Group Playbook

Our new Productside Blueprint and Playbook were designed to go alongside our updated Optimal Product Management course to address these very issues.  To help product leaders get a head start on solving these problems, we have made 3 ‘plays’ from the Productside Playbook available for free as part of our new, Product Leader Pack.

The Product Leader Pack

The Product Leader Pack is specifically designed to help product teams break free from the ‘feature factory’ with guidance and templates from three plays taken out of the Productside Playbook:

The Outcome Tree

Play #14

Great product leaders and managers must be able to clearly trace the through-line from the smallest level of work being completed all the way up to business outcomes.

Outcome Based Roadmap

Play #17

Gives the ability to work backwards from the desired product outcomes, identifying and creating a set of initiatives and features that will feed those outcomes.

Measuring Outcomes

Play #21

Connecting your output to the outcomes that matter, and knowing how to correctly measure it all.

The guidance and templates within the pack help teams clearly define objectives from the outset and devise strategies to achieve those objectives through the products they create.  Download your Product Leader Pack now and help your product team get the recognition they deserve as they impact outcomes.

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Cameron Lanier
November 16, 2023