Evaluating your Product Metrics Workbook

Enhance your product management capabilities with, “Evaluating Your Product Metrics.” This sample from our comprehensive Digital Product Management course is designed to pinpoint your most significant gaps and opportunities for improvement in measuring usage, frequency, and actionable insights. Improve the value of your application and get a taste of the valuable knowledge and skills you’ll gain when you purchase the full course.

  • Activation & Acquisition: Understand the critical first steps your users take. Learn how to attract new users and guide them to discover the unique attributes of your product.
  • Value Metrics: Gain insight into how users initially interact with your product. Determine the most valuable aspects of your product that drive user decisions.
  • User Engagement: Track and analyze user activity to understand how frequently and effectively your application is being used. Learn how to identify what your customers value most and focus your efforts on enhancing those areas.
  • Retention & Referral: Dive into retention metrics to understand if users are returning to your application. Explore additional metrics to gain a comprehensive view of customer retention and discover strategies to improve it.
  • Monetization: Explore the various ways your application can generate revenue. Learn about different metrics beyond overall revenue, particularly for digital and B2B applications, to maximize profitability.
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Adapt the template to fit your unique product and KPIs and boost value and customer retention.

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Metrics designed to inform action, helping you lead with a more thoughtful, data and outcome driven approach.

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  • Identify Key Gaps and Opportunities: Measure key aspects of your product with metrics covering the entire customer journey from Acquisition to Retention & Referral.
  • Actionable Insights: Make informed decisions to focus your efforts on the most valuable parts of the customer experience.
  • Boost Customer Value: Have confidence you will improve your product’s performance and value by selecting the right KPIs.