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The Product Manager Interview Workbook

In the competitive world of product management, interviews are not just about showcasing your skills—they’re about telling your story, demonstrating your problem-solving abilities, and showcasing your potential impact on a company. That’s why we’ve developed this workbook: to equip you with the tools, strategies, and confidence you need to ace your next interview and land that dream job.

Are you ready to take your interview preparation to the next level? Dive into our workbook and empower yourself to succeed in the competitive world of product management.

  • Interview Questions & Types: Behavioral interviews often start with the seemingly simple question, “Tell me about yourself.” But simplicity can be deceptive. This workbook will guide you in crafting compelling responses using the SAR (Situation, Action, Result) format.
  • Product Design: Design challenges are common in product management interviews. Whether you’re asked to improve an existing product or envision a new one, it’s crucial to begin with a user-centric approach.
  • Estimation: Estimation questions test your ability to think critically and make educated guesses. From estimating the revenue of a service to calculating the capacity of a container, this section will help you break down complex problems, make reasonable assumptions, and communicate your thought process effectively.
  • Business Problem-Solving: Product managers are often tasked with solving business problems using data-driven insights and strategic thinking.
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Act strategically and build products that customers will gladly buy and use to solve important problems with the help of these templates.

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