PlaybooksThe Full Product Management Playbook

The Full Product Management Playbook

Our Playbook empowers product managers to synchronize their efforts with business objectives. For two decades, we’ve utilized these “plays” to assist countless Product Managers, providing pre-filled examples for inspired product management.

Creating Team OKRs that Inspire and Drive Value
The Full Product Management Playbook
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Why use the Playbook?

Employing a set of comprehensive templates is an extremely valuable asset for a product leader, offering numerous benefits:

  • Streamlined Product Development: By providing a consistent and efficient methodology, templates streamline the product development process. They ensure that every stage of development follows a structured approach, reducing time spent on unnecessary revisions and iterations.
  • Enhanced Collaboration and Communication: Templates establish a standard across teams, improving collaboration by ensuring everyone is working from the same playbook. This consistency in documentation and processes fosters clearer communication, minimizes misunderstandings, and promotes a unified vision for the product.
  • Focus on Strategic Innovation: With templates handling the minutiae of day-to-day tasks, product leaders can redirect their focus towards strategic initiatives and innovative pursuits. Freed from the burden of micromanaging details, leaders can devote their energy to driving long-term vision and growth, ultimately propelling the organization forward at scale.

Employing a set of templates outlining the product development process can help you be more confident, efficient, effective, and collaborative, ultimately leading to better products and greater successes.

  • Structured Workflow: Utilizing templates provides a structured workflow, guiding you through each step of the product development process, from ideation to launch, ensuring no crucial aspects are overlooked.
  • Consistency and Efficiency: Templates promote consistency in approach and documentation, streamlining processes and saving time by eliminating the need to recreate workflows and documents from scratch for each project.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Shared templates facilitate collaboration among team members by providing a standardized framework for communication and feedback, fostering a cohesive team environment and aligning everyone towards common goals.

A Proven Process

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What’s in the Playbook?

Our Playbook is made up of the best product management ‘plays’, or concise guides with templates, that get product managers and product teams using best practices quickly.

Our Playbook is laid out sequentially, to make it easy to navigate your way through the product management process from beginning to end. Each play covers a product management best practice with concise and easy-to-digest instructions.
Includes everything necessary to become a Certified Product Manager through the AIPMM.

Each Play includes a template to ensure that the theoretical is always connected to real-world application. We’ve included pre-filled examples in the templates to inspire product managers on ways they can best utilize them. We’ve also made 2 versions of the Playbook, (B2B and B2C), so you be sure to get examples that meet your needs.

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