The Go-To-Market Pack for Product Managers

Develop an Effective Plan, Synchronize Stakeholders, and Launch Amazing Products.

Effective product launches require effective communication.  Go-to-Market should start early with strong communication and alignment with stakeholders, followed by the use of beta testing to gather valuable feedback. The Go-to-Market Pack guides product managers on the most important points needing communication to empower stakeholders and to have a successful product launch.

  • Template 04: Stakeholder Alignment

The ability to influence without authority, to motivate both peers and executives, can be tricky. Get started by learning the lay-of-the-land with our tool.

  • Template 18: Beta Goals & Success Metrics

Betas are opportunities to gather feedback, make data-driven decisions, and improve the product based on user input.

  • Template 19: Go-to-Market Enablement

A well-communicated launch that begins with a simple and short read-out helps product managers build momentum, generate excitement, and achieve buy-in from key stakeholders.

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Proven Process

Work more efficiently, be effective, and collaborative, ultimately leading to better products and greater success.

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Act strategically and build products that customers will gladly buy and use to solve important problems with the help of these templates.

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With our Playbook, you get a wealth of expertise from our deep bench of experts in Product Management.

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Launch Products with Confidence

Unsuccessful product launches hinge on having tightly synchronized teams and yet, product leaders often struggle to get product teams and stakeholders aligned.

In the Go-to-Market Pack, we provide 3 free plays from the Productside Playbook that facilitate stakeholder alignment, effective customer feedback through beta testing, and the development of a successful product launch plan. The templates in the Go-to-Market Pack are taken from the Productside Playbook, which includes over twenty ‘plays’ that provide proven techniques and templates to help product managers excel.  Use these free tools to elevate your go-to-market plans and increase confidence in your product launch throughout your organization.