Voice of the Customer Workbook

Introducing our comprehensive “Voice of the Customer Workbook.” Designed as your strategic ally, this guide empowers you through every phase of your VoC journey. From meticulously planning your VoC strategy to executing insightful meetings and deriving actionable learnings, this workbook is your roadmap to success.

With clear instructions, practical examples, and insightful tips, our workbook equips you to elevate your product management game and deliver exceptional value to your customers. Unlock the potential of your VoC activities today with our indispensable resource.

  • Planning Your VoC: Lay the groundwork for success by outlining your main hypotheses to test and identifying customer profiles or segments to interview.
  • Preparing Your VoC: Equip yourself with the tools needed to build discussion and observation guides, set interview ground rules, and practice your VoC techniques for maximum effectiveness.
  • Executing Your VoC: Dive into the heart of customer insights with confidence. Learn how to conduct interviews, observe customer behaviors, and record findings effectively.
  • Post VoC Analysis: Transform raw data into actionable insights. Discover how to review notes, identify key insights, prioritize findings, and craft an action plan that drives meaningful change.
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Proven Process

Work more efficiently, be effective, and collaborative, ultimately leading to better products and greater success.

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Act strategically and build products that customers will gladly buy and use to solve important problems with the help of these templates.

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Built by Experts

With our Playbook, you get a wealth of expertise from our deep bench of experts in Product Management.

Tools + Templates

A Complete Guide

We have created this planning guide to assist you in with your Voice of the Customer (VoC) activities. Use this guide to help develop your VoC Strategy, prepare your team and tools, execute the VoC meetings, and gain learnings from your VoC activities.