PMCS Training Syllabus

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Stakeholders enrolled in this workshop will gain a comprehensive understanding of high-quality Product Management and clearly define their relationship with the product team. They will learn the specific activities and responsibilities of Product Managers, understand how Product Managers can help them address customer problems, and work together to develop solutions that achieve product-market fit.

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This 8-hour workshop enables non-Product Management professionals to develop or improve a mutually beneficial relationship with their product teams. Misunderstandings about the role of Product Managers often result in misguided requests and inefficient workflows.

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Best Practices

This course enables cross-functional teams to achieve common goals faster and more effectively using Product Management concepts to align outcomes and strengthen product
team collaborations.

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Participants will leave the workshop equipped with practical tips, techniques, and tools that enhance their skills and confidence in their ability to collaborate with their product team. Improved cross-functional support enables the entire organization to drive innovation practices and achieve business outcomes more effectively.

Product Management Collaboration for Stakeholders

Course Outline

  • Unit 01: The Role of the Product Manager
  • Unit 02: How Product Managers Create Value
  • Unit 03: Discover and Investigate
  • Unit 04: Discover and Define
  • Unit 05: Create
  • Unit 06: Deliver

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