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Product Management Resume Action Words and Keywords


When you submit your resume online, the chances are very high that it is going to be scanned electronically by software that is looking for keywords selected by the recruiter or hiring manager.

Even if you’re the perfect candidate, without the keywords in your resume, the software will likely discard it.

Be sure to scan the job posting for software and skills the job requires and include them in your resume.

Power up your resume with action words that describe your experience. Did you “work on” a product or did you “own” the product? Did you “attend” tradeshows or “present” at tradeshows?

We developed a great list of Action Words to help you power-up your resume. These are included in our larger package of Free Resources – click the button below to download these resources, so you can give your resume a fighting chance against the scanning bots!

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June 02, 2015