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Product Management: The Power of Training and Process [Infographic]


By: Roger Snyder | Mar 24, 2022 | Infographics

The 2nd Edition of the Product Management Skills Benchmark Report contains updated benchmarks, insights and findings for product leaders and professionals.  

Establishing or improving your team’s product management processes is one of the most effective ways to improve the skills of your team over time.  

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The Highlights

Based on our 2019 Benchmark Report it was found that there is an 11% average increase in skill set levels with  the power of training,  and according to our 2021 Benchmark Report and average of 12.3% increase of the skill level set can be reached with the power of training.

With the implementation of a formal product process skill sets can improve by up to 24% according to Productside 2021 Benchmark Report.

The Takeaway

Combining the Power of Training and Product Processes an increase of up to a 44% can be reached in Product Management skill sets according to our report from 2019. And  up to a 47% increase in Product Management skill sets was shown in the research from our 2021 Skills Benchmark Report.

Roger Snyder
March 24, 2022