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Product Marketing Manager Salaries in 2022


This article details general Product  Marketing Manager salary data based on salary information reported by in January 2022. 

Status of the Job 2022: Product Marketing Manager

If we learned anything from the past two years, we learned to expect the unexpected. The pandemic turned the business world on its head, leaving Product teams scrambling to innovate rapidly to develop and deliver new digital products and services. Product Marketing Managers were center stage in this effort, helping to translate customer demands and market trends into actionable intelligence, to help guide product development, and help companies generate demand and remain competitive amid the constant flow of new product introductions. 

Even as the threat of the pandemic is waning, Product Marketing Managers will continue to play an essential role as they assess and analyze changing market conditions and customer needs. In this post, we examine various management roles in Product Marketing, from Manager to Director to VP, in terms of their responsibilities and focus, as well as their income potential in 2022. 

What is a Product Marketing Manager?  

Product Marketing Managers are responsible for creating demand for a company’s products and services. How do they do this? A combination of research, analysis, creativity and instinct. First, they analyze brand performance, product trends and market conditions, and conduct extensive research about competitors’ products and marketing tactics to inform the Go-to-Market strategy. Then they implement and manage marketing programs and activities that will help raise awareness and increase sales within that context.  

Product Marketing Managers possess excellent verbal and written communication skills and can demonstrate success with positioning and launching products. They understand how products are sold across channels and can recommend what channels are optimal for maximizing demand. 

Product Marketing Managers may develop elaborate buyer personas to effectively get in the heads of their target audience. These personas can be leveraged for market segmentation and to create a wide variety of content deliverables that speak to the needs of target customers. They may apply their creative prowess and communication skills to create and deliver written documentation, including launch plans, solution briefs, datasheets, presentation, website copy, video content and more.  

In terms of education, Product Marketing Managers may have bachelor degrees, MBAs or additional certifications.  

Product Marketing Manager Salary for 2022 

According to 2021 data from Zippia, there are over 44,124 Product Marketing Managers currently employed in the U.S. And with new products being introduced to market in record numbers, it’s no surprise that they are in high demand: on LinkedIn, there are nearly 120,000 openings as of February. In areas with a concentration of companies developing new digital technologies and products, this is especially true. Opportunities in technology hubs such as Silicon Valley in California, New York and LA are plentiful, which means Product Marketing Managers have options and the ability to negotiate for higher salaries.  

Just how much Product Marketing Managers can demand depends on many factors, including location, industry, experience and specialization. 280 Group gathered salary data from a variety of sources, including and Salary data based on U.S. averages is summarized below. 

Product Marketing Manager Salary Total Compensation: $152,523 

As of December 27, 2021, the median base salary for a Product Marketing Manager in the U.S. was $136,833. Depending on a Product Marketing Manager’s education, certifications, skill sets and years on the job, the pay can range from $100,000 to as high as $172,940. 

Director of Product Marketing Salary Total Compensation: $230,390 

The Director of Product Marketing usually reports directly to C-level leadership and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Product Marketing. They must understand trends and the competitive landscape, work with Product Development to manage the product roadmap, and guide the creation of GTM strategies and plans, while ensuring Product Marketing activities achieve maximum impact. Directors of Product Marketing must have a minimum of five years of managerial experience.  

The base salary for Director of Product Marketing ranges from $152,521 to $243,841, with a median of $197,990.

VP of Product Marketing Salary Total Compensation:  

The VP of Product Marketing is the most senior-level position in Product Marketing, reporting to the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or the CEO. This role oversees the entire Product Marketing function and is responsible for ensuring market awareness and demand generation for a company’s products and services.

The base salary for VP of Product Marketing ranges from $163,803 to $375,836, with a median of $251,302

Product Marketing Manager Salaries by Location

Salaries for Product Marketing Managers are typically higher in technology hubs and in locations where the cost of living may be higher than average, or where demand exceeds available candidates. However, in the hybrid workplace, these dynamics may change, since fully remote work options can provide access to candidates outside of the immediate geographical area. Below are the top 10 highest paying cities for Product Marketing Managers in 2022, according to ZipRecruiter data.

4 Ways to Boost your Product Marketing Management Salary in 2022

With demand for skilled Product Marketing professionals as high as it is today in the U.S., Product Marketing Managers, Directors and VPs have negotiating power. But there are definitive steps you can take to improve your ability to demand top dollar. Here are four proactive strategies: 

  1. Expand your skill set: No matter how little or how much experience you have, there’s always room for improvement. Find out what specific skills are required for the roles you are investigating. Perhaps the company develops digital products or services – marketing products in the digital realm necessitates a nuanced skill set, and you may find you have some gaps. Taking a skills assessment can illuminate your weaknesses and strengths and help you to prioritize and hone your efforts. 
  2. Take a course – or two. Now that you know your strengths and have identified areas for improvement, fill in the gaps with training. Think you’re too busy to take a course? Online training or self-study options make it easy to fit professional education into your schedule, so you can continue to build your skills and knowledge, and even explore the possibility of building expertise in new areas of interest.
  3. Get certified: As you’re building your skillset, consider becoming a Certified Product Marketing Manager. It’s a great way to stand out from other applicants and adds another proof-point when you’re negotiating salary and terms. Plus, certification demonstrates mastery and a strong commitment to the field of Product Marketing.
  4. Prepare to shine. How you present yourself in an interview – whether by phone, by Zoom or in person – will impact your ability to negotiate if you make it to the offer stage. Research the company, the role, and the decision makers so you can highlight the skills and strengths you possess that align with the company’s vision and goals, as well as the hiring managers’ world view.  

With Proper Training, the Sky’s the Limit 

Whether you’re planning to request a salary increase in your current position, move to a new position in your organization, or seek opportunities in a new company or location, training is beneficial. Understanding the latest concepts in your field, sharpening your skills and learning new ones increases your confidence, contributes to job performance and enhances overall job satisfaction. With market-leading courses in Product Marketing Management and flexible learning options including online and self-study courses, 280 Group can help you get on a path of continuous learning and build the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in 2022 and over the long-term.  

Give us a call today to learn how our training courses and certification program can help you be more marketable and command top dollar for your role. Or, check out our Optimal Product Management program, to see how easy it is to become a Certified Product Marketing Manager. 

Roger Snyder
March 11, 2022