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5 Phases of the Agile Anti-Patterns Immaturity Model to Avoid


Hooray! The good news is that your organization has just announced it’s moving to Agile. As a product manager, you’re looking forward to an organization that is more resilient and responsive to changing market conditions through improvements to your work culture. The bad news is that 47% of these transformations fail. Worse, 62% of these failures are terminal.

In order to truly transform, you’ll need product leadership’s help to avoid slipping into one of the five Agile immaturity anti-patterns that trip up a successful transformation: Discordianism, Cargo-Cultism, Hyperscrumdamentalism, Command-and-Controlism, and Agile Scapegoatism.

Learn from the experts, Joe Ghali and Dean Peters, how to identify each of these anti-patterns, and what you can do as a product manager or product owner to both avoid and fix them.

  • The Agile Anti-Pattern Immaturity Model
  • How to identify Agile Immaturity through key anti-patterns
  • Practices you can adopt to avoid and escape these 5 phases
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