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5 Tricks to Get Stakeholders on Board with Product


Lobbying can be defined as: “any attempt by individuals or private interest groups to influence the decisions of government.”  Lobbying, in some form, is inevitable in any political system and has become a powerful tool of influence. There are clear parallels between lobbying and the discipline of stakeholder management. As product professionals, we’re responsible for leading our stakeholders in order to create value together and achieve product success. During this webinar, we shared best practices you can implement now to lead stakeholders in advancing your products.

  • How to build better relationships within your own team and across teams.
  • Be strategic about whom you need to be connected with, and how to say “no” to your stakeholders.
  • Real-world tips to help you succeed in aligning stakeholders, engaging them in the right way, and securing their support for important product decisions.
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