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7 Reasons Products Fail


Anywhere from 65-90% of new products fail to meet their expectations in the marketplace. That means all of the painstaking effort, resources, time, and investment in those products is driving full speed to a dead end — not to mention the lost opportunity of the products that might have been, had all that effort and expense been better deployed.

The road to releasing new products doesn’t have to be so treacherous! Turns out that one of the seven key reasons for product failure is a failure to establish clear objectives and quantify just what success looks like. How can you reach your destination if you don’t know where you’re going and can’t read the signposts that signal you’ve taken a wrong turn? To make matters worse, the bad habits we pick up along the way can cause us to swerve out of the fast lane. This is starting to sound dangerous!

During this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how to steer toward a clear destination and stay on the road to innovative new product introductions with speed and efficiency.

  • A strategic approach for determining new product opportunities.
  • What practices create less-than-successful products in the marketplace.
  • How to avoid practices that lead to product failures.
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