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Demystifying the Roles and Responsibilities of Product Professionals


Product management roles have significant overlap with the roles of product marketing, product owner, program management, and product design—but there are areas where the Product Manager can (and should) take the lead. Defining roles and communicating what is in the domain of the PM versus these related roles, and even others, can set the team up for success.

You need two powerful tools to help bring this clarity: RACI and DACI. Using a RACI matrix will identify individuals who own specific tasks and their role in completing those tasks. The DACI framework defines who owns both driving and communicating decisions.

Join our webinar to learn what is (and isn’t) part of a Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager role. Gain a deep understanding of how their responsibilities relate to other roles, like the Product Owner, and how teams can use tools like RACI and DACI to both level-set stakeholder expectations and clarify how key product decisions get made.

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