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Diagnosis Product Management: Reaching Peak Performance


Is your Product Management team working well? Does it deliver excellent products that satisfy customer needs and wants? Does it deliver these products based on a well-thought through product strategy and business case?

These are questions that can be both easy and hard to answer. If you’ve established clear success metrics for how your team operates, then the answers may be just one click away. If you haven’t, it can be very difficult to know whether your team is struggling to make progress, operating with peak efficiency, or is somewhere in-between. You would only be able to evaluate your team based on a gut feel and the attitudes of your team members on a weekly basis.

In this Product Management Leadership webinar, we’ll examine how to evaluate the effectiveness of your Product Management team. We’ll look at a checklist that will help you use a proven methodology to examine your organization and give it a “check-up.” Based on this check-up, you’ll be able to consider your options on how to not only improve but transform your team.

  • The typical symptoms of a Product Management team that is struggling
  • The four categories of Product Management team excellence and how to evaluate your team’s health in each of those categories
  • What actions you can take to help improve your team’s performance
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The Panelists

  • Rina Alexin no background

    Rina Alexin

    Chief Executive Officer
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  • Roger Snyder no background

    Roger Snyder

    Principal Consultant and Trainer
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