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Digital Product Management Guide – Following & Leading Your Users


Most PMs recognize that successful products demand both a clear understanding of customer problems and, then, corresponding solutions that address these needs. This informs our product roadmap priorities and marketing efforts. That’s ‘table stakes’. Yet, paradoxically, when customers ‘buy in’ and adopt our product, we’re often ‘flying blind’ as to how our product is being used, as it’s being used.

One of the key dimensions that distinguish Digital Product Management practice from a more traditional PM practice is that of tracking, understanding – and thoughtfully intervening when appropriate – as your users experience your product. This is, after all, where ‘the rubber hits the road’- where users will experience value, or frustration, as they endeavor to accomplish their tasks. Join David Nash for an exciting and informative webinar which will get you thinking about what it takes to facilitate an in-product journey that will delight your customers and keep them coming back.

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