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Getting Product Management Sh*t Done with ChatGPT


✓ Tired of slaving away in a feature factory to deliver product after product, only to find out that they’re not quite what your customers want?

✓ Sick of hearing about “delivering crap faster” and “agile this, agile that” without actually moving the needle on value delivery?

✓ Fed up with “here’s how to use ChatGPT to fill out a one-off canvas or template” only to discover there’s no continuity or strategic pull-through?

✓ Getting worn down by HiPPOs and Seagull managers swooping in with demands to field a ChatGPT feature or product?

Then this webinar is for you!

Join Dean Peters (280 Group) and Elad Simon ( as they team up with ChatGPT, (a large language model trained by OpenAI), to help you work smarter to deliver the right product.

We’ll cut through the ? and get down to what matters: making products that people want.

  • Help make more informed decisions and save time on research
  • Assist with problem-solving by providing alternative viewpoints or creative solutions to challenges
  • Optimize workflows by automating specific tasks or providing reminders and alerts
  • Learn new skills or concepts through interactive tutorials
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