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Grow your B2B Business with a Product-led Strategy


In the past 20 years, corporate buying decisions have shifted from a strictly top-down approach to one that is heavily influenced by internal users. Innovative B2B organizations are now placing their product at the helm of business growth. If you are not convinced that driving customer acquisition through your product itself is in your future, consider the benefits of product-led growth you are not realizing expanded market reach, lower acquisition costs, and higher conversion rates.

Today’s B2B users are looking to get experience with the product they are actually buying – even before they buy or upgrade it. Rarely do they want to interact with salespeople or marketing campaigns anymore. To keep up with the market and get ahead of the curve, B2B businesses must reshape and rethink the roles of their customer-facing teams. A product led growth model does not just mean making changes to your product. Product led growth requires creating company-wide alignment across your teams—from engineering to sales and marketing—to make the product itself the largest source of sustainable, scalable business growth. According to OpenView Partners, PLG companies perform better than their peers, post-IPO.

In this webinar, we will discuss how to take on a product led growth mindset at a B2B company, so that you can enhance your product to generate more growth and influence your organization to support this effort.

Why attend? Gain insights from industry-leading practitioners who have successfully leveraged OKRs to fuel growth, drive innovation, and foster a culture of collaboration. Uncover the secrets to setting inspiring objectives, defining measurable key results, and unlocking the full potential of OKRs within your organization.

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  • How the product led growth strategy has evolved
  • What it means to be PLG in the B2B space
  • Why your Sales Team plays a critical role in the PLG B2B space
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