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How Product Managers Excel in a Time of Crisis


You or your team are now working remotely—let‘s discuss the challenges you are facing in coordinating product efforts. What challenges are your products and services facing now?

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how your fundamental skills as a Product Manager can serve you well in this time of crisis. We’ll consider how you can go faster to react more rapidly to the sudden, huge shifts in demand and market needs we’re seeing right now. We’ll also provide some tips on which shortcuts you can safely take—and which you shouldn’t. If the turmoil outside your company isn’t enough to deal with, we’ll also provide some tips and resources on how to keep you and your product team productive in these dynamic and challenging times.

We’re going to shake things up with this webinar, splitting the time up in two sections. First, we’ll briefly go over the topics above to give you the tips and resources you need to survive and even thrive during this time, personally and professionally. Then we’ll provide a longer Q&A time in an “Ask Me Anything” style to answer questions you have that are specific to your business, products, and market situation. We’ll have a few extra expert Product Managers on-hand to give you multiple perspectives on the issues you want to talk about.

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