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How to do Product Discovery as a super PM using AI

11:00 am ET | 8:00 am PT

As a product manager, are you listening to your users? What are they asking and complaining about? Wouldn’t you like to have more confidence that you are solving the real problems that will delight your customers and achieve your business goals? We can help.

In previous webinars we’ve provided useful examples and tips on how to leverage generative AI to get more done. This time we’re focusing on Discovery – researching and analyzing the “Why” and “What” of our customer needs. We’ve invited Prashant Mahajan, founder of, to share his insights on how AI can find opportunities to better serve customers and provide the evidence of why these opportunities matter to customers.

  • Identifying customer needs by analyzing huge data, both structured and unstructured
  • Finding the evidence on “Why” these needs matters from market research, competitive intelligence, and internal data
  • How to prioritize “What” to build by backing up your insights with data and drive alignment on your roadmap.
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The Panelists

  • Prashant Mahajan

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  • Roger Snyder no background

    Roger Snyder

    Principal Consultant and Trainer
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