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Let’s (Really) Get Product Management Sh*t Done with ChatGPT


You Spoke, We Listened.

If you watched our first webinar, “How to Get Product Management Sh*t Done with ChatGPT,” then you know we only skimmed the surface on this deeply layered topic.  Many of you came away wanting more.

You wanted real-world examples of how to use ChatGPT as a product management tool, right?  Well, good news, Dean Peters is ready to show you!

In this previously recorded workshop, Dean is going to use ChatGPT live and in real-time, so you can see exactly how ChatGPT works and the best ways to add it to your product management toolkit.

Don’t worry, ChatGPT isn’t coming for your job, but if you don’t learn how to start using ChatGPT in your workflow, some other product manager is likely to pass you up.

Now is the time to learn about ChatGPT and how it can help you become a better product manager.  Sign up for the workshop now! REGISTRATION ALSO GRANTS ACCESS TO THE MURAL BOARD DEAN USED IN THE WORKSHOP.

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