Online Webinar

The Evolution of AI in Hardware and Manufacturing

1:00 pm ET | 10:00 am PT

Step into the evolutionary trajectory of AI in hardware and manufacturing with Rina Alexin and Dean Peters.

In this webinar, they will guide you to transcend your game from basic digital enhancements and harness the power of AI to drive innovation, strategy, and growth. Discover how leading companies are not just adding chips to products, but reimagining their core value. Dive into real-world examples of digital ecosystems that enhance performance and boost customer satisfaction.

Equip yourself with actionable strategies to enhance your core products, optimize operations, and drive innovation.

  • Steps to move from physical to digital products.
  • Strategies for enhancing core products with digital and AI features.
  • Real-world case studies showcasing successful AI implementations.
  • Best practices for identifying and leveraging AI opportunities through innovative plays and positioning.
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The Panelist

  • Dean Peters with no background.

    Dean Peters

    Principal Consultant and Trainer
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