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What Does Beta Success Look Like?


7 out of 10 companies rate beta testing as the most effective way to improve products before release, and yet 57% of those performing beta tests have no defined process.  How do product managers create an effective beta process?  And what does beta success look like?

Join 280 Group Principal Consultant & Trainer Todd Blaquiere, as he teams up with beta testing expert, Luke Freiler, CEO of Centercode.  The two of them will be joined by our own Kate Fuchs to discuss how product managers can create an effective beta process that translates into beta success.

Join this beta dream team as they discuss how product managers can use beta testing to push their curiosity further, being detail-oriented to make sure they don’t miss critical product issues.  They’ll also explain how product managers can be organized and systematic in their beta approach, ensuring they are actively engaged with users and getting pertinent feedback.  In short: come learn what beta success looks like and how you can achieve it.

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  • Kate Fuchs, Product Manager

    Kate Fuchs

    Product Manager
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  • Todd Blaquiere, Head of Product at BetterRX

    Todd Blaquiere

    Principal Consultant & Trainer
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  • Luke Freiler, CEO at Centercode

    Luke Freiler

    CEO, Centercode
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