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What Makes a True Digital Product Manager


Digital Product Managers move faster, make more informed decisions, and know more about how their product engages users than their non-digital counterparts. They’re also more attractive and better dressed! (Ok, maybe we’re just kidding.) But seriously, just because you own a digital product doesn’t mean you are a “Digital Product Manager.” The question is: Are you truly taking advantage of those unique capabilities to make traditional Product Managers jealous?

During this webinar, we disscused how to become a true Digital Product Manager by leveraging build-measure-learn and in-product user engagement metrics to make smarter product decisions and find the optimal product-market fit.

  • Key skills that differentiate a Digital Product Manager from a non-digital Product Manager.
  • How to leverage multiple dimensions to measure user engagement.
  • How digital Product Managers use build-measure-learn to iterate to product-market fit quickly.
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  • Todd Blaquiere, Head of Product at BetterRX

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