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Why do Products Fail?


After a product failure we’ve all found ourselves, inevitably, asking the same question: how did no one recognize that was a bad idea?

Product failures happen everywhere, even among some of the best and brightest product minds out there.  The real question is: what did these people miss?

These are the questions our Product Pros, Ken Feehan and Kate Fuchs, are going to explore in this free, live webinar.  They will discuss why products fail, what gets missed in the development process that leads to the failure, and ways to avoid those same pitfalls.

Learn how to create products that are more likely to succeed.  Join us and learn how to avoid making the product that everyone, (in hindsight), collectively agrees was a “bad idea.”   Our Product Pros will help you make sure you’re creating products that are more destined to succeed.  Register now!

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  • Kate Fuchs, Product Manager

    Kate Fuchs

    Product Manager
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  • Ken Feehan, Vice President of Product & Services

    Ken Feehan

    Vice President of Product
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