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The 12 Days of Product Management: A Festive Journey for Product Managers


‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to celebrate than with a holiday spin in the world of product management! Join us on a merry journey through “The 12 Days of Product,” a delightful adaptation of the classic holiday jingle that will resonate with product managers far and wide. 

 In a world where user stories meet yuletide glory and product demos dance with holiday glee, we present a festive ode to the unsung heroes of the business world. Picture a winter wonderland where KPIs guide the sleigh, bugs humbly wait to be addressed, and executives leap with joy for the products they hold dear. 

Day 1: Estimation that is guilt-free 

On the first day of product, my PM gave to me – estimation that’s guilt-free! No stress, no strain, just a positive and collaborative environment where estimations are a breeze. 

Day 2: Two product demos 

The second day brings demos so bright! The Product Manager shares insights with all their might. Two demos to see, with features so grand, the team visualizes success, as they understand. 

Day 3: Three KPIs 

On the third day, the PM gave us three KPIs. Strategy and goals in focus, success guaranteed. Measure, track, and watch us soar, with KPIs guiding us, forevermore. 

Day 4: Four User Stories 

Four stories unfold, from the user’s viewpoint. The PM presents them, a narrative so grand. Features and functionalities, crystal clear, enhancing the team’s vision, drawing them near. 

Day 5: Five-star reviews 

Five stars shining bright in the product’s review. Customer satisfaction, success anew. High fives all around, the team’s work is clear, as value is delivered, spreading holiday cheer. 

Day 6: Six Features Shipping 

On the sixth day, shipping features with glee. Six in total, most efficiently. Progress in development, a sight to behold, as the team celebrates, stories retold. 

Day 7: Seven Bugs Awaiting

Despite all successes, seven bugs await. A reminder that challenges persist, and it’s never too late. Continuous improvement, the team’s steadfast aim, conquering bugs, a part of the game. 

Day 8: Eight Clients Calling 

Eight clients come calling, communication so true. The PM actively involved; relationships grew. A festive rapport, with clients delighting, in the season of giving and product managing. 

Day 9: Nine How-to Emails 

On the ninth day, guidance arrives, nine how-to emails, ensuring no one survives without support in hand, the team learns and grows, through emails so grand. 

Day 10: Ten Execs a-Leaping 

Ten execs a-leaping, excitement in the air. Strong leadership support, beyond compare. The product thrives with leaders so keen, making visions a reality, a holiday dream. 

Day 11: Eleven Testers Testing 

Eleven testers working, diligently they stand. Ensuring product quality, across the land. Thorough tests run, with dedication so bright, in the spirit of holidays, and of product delight. 

Day 12: Twelve Coders Coding 

On the twelfth day, twelve coders coding. A productive scene, collaboration exploding. With keyboards clicking and clacking with screens so bright, the development team works, a holiday delight. 

As the holiday spirit fills the air, product managers rejoice in the successes and challenges, growing stronger with each passing day. May your products be successful, your teams be merry, and your coding be ever so bright! Follow along with our 12 days of Product advent calendar for a fun-filled holiday season with gifts abound. Happy holidays, product managers! 

Dean Peters
Principal Consultant & Trainer

Dean offers nearly twenty years of experience in product management with a prior decade as a software developer for real-time system integration. Driven by a passion for replacing pain points with user delight, he has empowered teams in startups such as Dude Solutions, Aprimo, and Seven Lakes Technologies and enterprise settings such as IQVIA, Citrix, and McClatchy. Leaning on his ability to translate technical details into valuable outcomes, Dean has led a number of innovations in the areas of AI, NLP, and Mobile across various domains, including healthcare, energy, education, law enforcement, and news media.

December 13, 2023