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Cultivating a Strategic Product Team, Part 2


As a follow-on to the Part 1 webinar, The Power of the Product One-Pager, Ken Feehan will explain how to use the Product One-Pager to make your product gate reviews more effective and executive-friendly. Forget long status meetings and embrace five-minute updates where Product Managers communicate their project’s status in a simple statement. In this process, PMs will report that their project is either proceeding from inception to market success and conforming to key facts documented on the Product One-Pager OR that the project has gone “out of bounds” and is recommending a specific remedy.

The power of this best-practice gate review process will unlock a system that motivates Product Managers to drive towards outcomes and not outputs. It makes executive review practical and useful and ensures that you always have a “plan of record.” The strategic use of this process will help you improve the performance of your Product Management team and demonstrate your own effectiveness as a leader!

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