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Mastering ‘Jobs-to-Be-Done’: A Free Online Workshop

Follow-Up Workshop: A Hands-On JTBD Practical Exercise

To build on the JTBD (Jobs-to-Be-Done) framework from our recent webinar, we are offering a follow-up workshop where participants will be split into small groups. In these groups, we will run through practical exercises designed to deepen your understanding and application of the Jobs-to-Be-Done framework.

Join us and transform the way you understand and serve your customers through the power of the Jobs-to-Be-Done framework. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your product development skills and drive true innovation in your organization. Register now to secure your spot!

  • Collaborate in Small Groups: Work closely with other product managers to share insights and strategies, fostering a collaborative learning environment.
  • Engage in Practical JTBD Exercises: Participate in exercises that simulate real-world scenarios, helping you apply the JTBD framework to identify and address actual customer needs.
  • Receive Personalized Feedback: Get direct feedback from JTBD experts, ensuring you can refine your approach and effectively implement what you’ve learned in your own projects.
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Our Panelists

  • Rina Alexin no background

    Rina Alexin

    Chief Executive Officer
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  • Tom Evans no background

    Tom Evans

    Principal Consultant and Trainer
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